Friday, November 17, 2006

The 27th Feminist Carnival

is up in a particularly well-illustrated edition at body impolitic.

This one contains not just the thoughtful posts about body image that you might expect, but some important links about feminism and indigenous rights in Mexico, several posts on retailers and commercialism (how appropriate for the season), and a look at the feminist implications of the recent elections in the US.


rebel said...

You know how I got to your blog. Now I want to thank you for re-introducing me to some feminist politics in the past several months. I've followed one link to another, and spent long hours blog reading instead of doing some of the other things I should have been doing. Last night I found myself trying to explain to my husband the ideology of radical lesbian separatist politics, and I'm sure I had the same discussion with him about 25 years ago! Anyway, I'm THINKING more (about things other than kids and education) and feeling more alive. I wish your part of Michigan and my part of Wisconsin were a little closer to each other.

Sandy D. said...

Thank YOU for this! Interestingly, I had a similar conversation with my dh a while back. And I also distinctly remember debating this in college when we first lived together.