Saturday, June 16, 2007

Selling Out

As you may have noticed, I'm giving Google's AdSense a try. We'll see how it works out, but with paid employment not being plentiful here right now (hey! Michigan's first in the US in unemployment!), and since AdSense is based in Ann Arbor - well, we'll see. I'm only willing to sell out so much.

It may make me blog more, which would be a good thing, as I've been lazy now that summer's here. Now excuse me while I go pick strawberries from our yard and put them on ice cream, with a little whipped cream and dark chocolate, and sit out on the deck and watch the corn grow and my kids catch butterflies and baby grasshoppers.


Julie said...

I know it's silly, but I get quite a thrill seeing the Google sign on what used to be my bank. And it sounds like you're going to have a heavenly evening. :)

Anjali said...

Well, I, of course, am all for you blogging more...Whatever works!