Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Human Dalek Corn

Did you ever notice how the roots of corn look a lot like the head of a Human Dalek? Weird.

Corn really is a freaky looking mutant tropical grass. I wish the local sweet corn was ready. This picture is from the field corn from the farm behind our house, which is probably going to become high fructose corn syrup and starch and cow and pig feed.


Anonymous said...

'The Omnivore's Dilemma' had some interesting material on corn, what you say and a whole lot more. Have you read that? It's non-fiction.

BTW, your sentence structure is magnificent. And your views quirky. I like that.Wish you posted more often.

I'd like to accept your tag, but...no blog...yet.

Sandy D. said...

I did read and really enjoyed "The Omnivore's Dilemma" - I've loved almost everything that Pollan has written, ever since I read "Second Nature" about fifteen years ago. I did my M.S. on prehistoric corn from Roswell, NM (oooh, another weird alien connection!), so I knew most of what Pollan covered in his section on corn - but he certainly made it sound more interesting than most of my classes. Who would have ever thought that the "catastrophic sexual transformation" theory of maize domestication would ever feature in a bestselling book?

Thanks for the compliments. I'll try and post more.

Sandy D. said...

Also - we had sweet corn from down the road last night - and it was unbelievably good.