Friday, October 10, 2008


I'm in Saline, on a fairly busy street. Do you think my pumpkin's more likely to get smashed if it has the "Yes We Can" or "No More Lies" design from the Yes We Carve site?

I like the fact that Obama's campaign people ask for a mere $5 contribution and encourage you to carve your pumpkin to show your support, though I'm not generally a fan of co-opting holidays for ideological purposes (see this post from Halloween three years ago, and this one). I'll probably stick with my bumper sticker and t-shirt for political purposes, and let the kids carve the traditional triangle eyed faces on their jack-o-lanterns.

Though I do think Obama's graphic artists' designs are way cooler than the McCain ones.

And if you'd like Tina Fey to come to Michigan (instead of Sarah Palin), check out this petition on the Michigan Democratic Party's website.


Anonymous said...

Weird... I don't see where they're asking for money?

Sandy D. said...

Oh, "Yes We Carve" doesn't ask for any money at all. It's the e-mails and website for the Obama campaign. But compare this to the amounts McCain website expects:

Anonymous said...

We were just talking about carving a jack o'lantern with the Obama campaign symbol! (after we did it with bagels at lunch time yesterday)

Happy in Houston said...

That is really cute!

Mantan Calaveras said...

Aw, don't spoil Halloween by dragging politics into it.

Unless we're talking humorous rubber politician masks.