Monday, March 09, 2009

No! Let Them Eat Thin Mints and Samoas!

And you can buy them from my daughter's troop if you happen to be at Cabela's in se Michigan next Saturday morning. Forget about the new Dulce de Leche flavor - they sound much better than they are. The sugar-free chocolate chip isn't bad, though, and I think the lemon cremes are sadly unappreciated.

We already did our part selling at Busch's in Saline last Saturday. Thank goodness there was an overhang there that our table was under. Still, dismal weather.

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Anonymous said...

All the cookies are fewer to the box and smaller. I don't think they are economical any longer nor the go-to special cookies. The peanut butter chocolate covered ones have a thin layer of peanut butter and not the usual thick layer. I think the Samoas have changed in flavor as well. I also do not like the Dulce. I think this will be the last year to buy cookies except maybe Thin Mints.