Friday, July 15, 2005

Free: Two Potty Chairs (One Never Used)

The unused one is this truly obnoxious offering from Fisher-Price, which plays a royal flourish like the one that used to be on some margarine commercial "Dat dat for a king." My husband bought it after my daughter swore she would use the potty chair if she could pick out a new one. So she picked this one, with an infrared sensor that plays the freaky song when something passes through the light beam. It also plays when you hit the chair with your foot in the middle of the night when you check on your sleeping child.

Anyway, it almost goes without saying that my dd never used this thing, except for the fun of putting toys in it and having dolls and stuffed animals "pee". I didn't hate it quite so much after I removed the battery, but I am a bit tired of seeing it sitting in our living room (where it was moved after tripping on it one final time).

My daughter did just start using the big toilet in the last month, after months of telling me she would do it "when I'm 8. Or maybe 12."

But I don't want to be one of those mommy bloggers who bores everyone with the fact that they're done with diapers forever, hallalujah, well except for one for poop and when confronted with a strange scary "foreign" toilet.....although I did really enjoy Raising WEG's post on that today.

Speaking of urinating on strange toilets, though, I am definitely going to buy myself a FUD. It would have been wonderful all those years I worked as an archaeologist in the field, and it will still be good for scary truck stops, park portajons, and the occasional camping trip. If I can convince my husband to go camping, but that's another post.

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