Friday, July 22, 2005

Some Suggestions for a Wonderful Anniversary

Like if it's (unbelievably) your 19th anniversary.

Surprise your spouse by taking the day off work, allowing you to take the family to the local Botanical Gardens. Spend the morning walking through gardens and woods and reassuring your children that you are not lost and you will be back at the safety of the car soon. Eat some wild raspberries, successfully avoid lots of stinging nettles, see frogs and minnows and a muskrat swimming.

Then let your spouse spend the late afternoon shopping and reading without children. Now reveal that you have arranged for a babysitter, and the two of you get to go out to dinner at a nice local restaurant, without needing to clean up spilled chocolate Silk soymilk or attempting to convince your three year daughter that tears are really a bit extreme when a macaroni noodle has dropped out of the bowl.

At your relaxing dinner, give your spouse some exotic bronze earrings and chocolate and a photo album. Exclaim at her thoughtfulness in giving you an electronic dohickey. Finally, walk around town, go to a coffee shop, and then find a trumpet vine growing on a wall right next to your car, and surreptitiously cut a shoot to start a clone in your own backyard.

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