Wednesday, August 10, 2005

No Mushrooms, Please

My three year old daughter today insisted that she have one of the granola bars "with NO mushrooms". I was confused by this until her older brother rolled his eyes and said "She means marshmallows" (yes, I bought S'mores flavored granola bars).

My eight year old son can be so mature and then revert back to preschooler behavior ten minutes later. Last night as we finished the out loud reading of "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory", he stopped me at the beginning of the last chapter. "Wait a minute....wait...I want to savor the moment," he said. He jumped on the bed (like someone crashing through a roof) when the glass elevator crashes into the Bucket house. Hope I'm not giving out any spoilers here. We will probably be going to see the movie this weekend, now that we've read the book.

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