Monday, January 02, 2006

Brook's "Year of Domesticity" and more on Hirshman

Half the blogs* and e-mail lists that I read are buzzing today with the New York Times essay on "The Year of Domesticity" by David Brooks, which was fittingly published on the same day (but in a different section of the newspaper) as Terry Martin Hekker's much grittier, sadder and more eye-opening article on "Paradise Lost (Domestic Edition)". I'm certainly not the only person to notice this juxtaposition (see Sam I am).

As a bonus, I just ran across an interesting and well-reasoned response to Linda Hirshman's article at Cathy Young's blog. But still, I have to ask, why on earth are none of these people citing The Truth Behind the Mommy Wars? It's a whole well-written and tightly researched book on "Who Decides What Makes a Good Mother", which even looks at why the media likes the "Mommy Wars".

*ok, maybe "half" was an exaggeration, but the other half will probably speak up tomorrow. For now, see Pandagon,, and 11D if you're interested. And also 11D on Hekker's article.

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