Friday, January 06, 2006

The Mommy Wars

For more interesting reading on mothers and how they're portrayed, see Toronto Mama's latest couple of columns in the LiteraryMama Blog.

Which is unfortunately hard to find if you don't have a link and you just go to LiteraryMama's homepage - I think that their introductory page really needs an overhaul. Anyway, to find the current blog entries, you have to know that these columns (which deserve the title just as much as the pieces in the Columns category!) are filed under Interact. Just looking at the homepage, it appears that the latest update on Interact was 8/30/05, which isn't true. Then you have to know you need to pick "Blog" instead of "Your Commentary" or "Mother Talk". It's confusing, and I guess I should write to them instead of commenting on it here. I'll send them a link. But it is frustrating to see great writing buried instead of highlighted.

And speaking of that - a fellow Mothers & More member posted a link to the first good article I've seen on "The Mommy Wars". Where was this thoughtful piece of journalism, you ask? Not in the New York Times, or The Atlantic, or any place like that. It was in the latest issue of Parents Express, one of those free monthlies you find at places like your library (but this one is in Philadelphia, not near me). So go and read Mary Ann Romans' article now.

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tomama said...

Thanks for the mention and fabulous post. I may link to it in my next LM piece.