Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Now Which Day of the Year Would This Be?

Because I really, really love this idea (shamelessly stolen from BookLust):

Actually, there should be a new holiday, where we celebrate books and reading, and we buy each other and ourselves nothing but books and book paraphernalia! Instead of hearts and flowers filling our heads, the whole day should be focused on everything biblio. We could call it Bibliotine's Day! Send yourself or your loved one a bibliotine!

I think that late February or March would be perfect for this. The weather usually sucks in the midwest then, which makes me more likely to read than to do many other things, like go out in the yard and pick up thawing dog poop.


Naomi said...

I went looking over at's index of saint patronages for inspiration (Valentine's Day being Saint Valentine's Day, after all). I would nominate St. John of God's Day: he is the patron of booksellers and book publishers (he was a bookseller himself -- never mind that in a fit of religiosity he destroyed his own stock, except for the religious books, then gave those away and went on to start a hospital). Most critically, his feast day is well timed: March 8th. Plenty of dreary, crummy weather in the midwest, yet far enough from Christmas and Valentine's Day not to be completely lost in the shuffle.

There's a patron saint of libraries (Catherine of Alexandria) but her feast day is in November, right at the beginning of the Christmas frenzy.

St. John of God's Day doesn't roll off the tongue the way Valentine's Day does, though.

Sandy said...

March 8 is good, and I'm willing to let St. John of God be the patron, but I think Bibliotine? Biblioday? Something like that would be a better name for the day. :D

KZ the Turtlegirl said...

Excellent idea! I think I'll steal it. As for a name, how about Literatag?

I found my way here through RebelDad (and linked to a recent HH post of yours on my own site), and have been enjoying peeking in at posts of yours. I gotta love a blog by another woman who wears holey jeans and doesn't wear make-up, LOL.

Erin Ptacek said...

My vote: all 365 days of the year. Unhelpful, huh? :-)

As a patron, might I suggest Thomas Acquinas? A man who wrote with such profligacy that there is a very real danger many of his works will remain untranslated.

tomama said...

Oh, I like this idea a lot.