Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Googling "Mommy Wars"

Well, I have four different blog posts started, but haven't had time to finish any of them. Instead, I've been working at the grade school book fair, making wheat-free muffins for preschool, and vacuuming my curtains. Even feminazis sometimes like to do a bit of spring cleaning. Especially when their preschooler's playgroup is scheduled at their house in a couple days.

I did want to point everyone towards Rebeldad's post on "The Mommy Wars Solution". Because what I got when I googled "mommy wars"? Almost as disappointing as "Good Morning America's" take on it. Though I did enjoy reading some of the posts in the Mormon Mommy Wars blog (at least until I read the descriptive five year old puking in the bathtub story).

So - if you want to learn something about the mommy wars, read The Truth Behind the Mommy Wars, by Miriam Peskowitz. She has a nice reading group guide and some excerpts here. She uses research and logic! Really. Amazing.

How many blog posts does it take to googlebomb something, anyway? I'll do another for good measure.


Elizabeth said...

What did it look like when you googled? I just checked, and Miriam's book is at #6, just below the awful Good Morning America stuff, and above an interesting post from the Mothers Movement online.

Sandy said...

When I checked earlier, Miriam's book wasn't even on the first page (though Leslie Morgan Steiner's not yet published one was). Top of the list was a Washington Post article and an article by Cathy Young in Reason magazine, followed by all the ABC links and some blogs (like the Mormon one). Then a bunch of critiques of Cathy Young's article (which I should read), then finally MMO.

I have to read more about googlebombing. It's almost as good as voting. Given how many people just read the first couple of entries on google for their "ressearch", blogging about something really channels the flow of information.

Also - I put quotes around "mommy wars", but I'll bet not everyone (or even most people?) do when they search.

Sandy said...

or "research" even. Apparently I can't edit my own comments.