Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Carnival of Feminists, No. 14

Now playing at Women's Autonomy and Sexual Sovereignty Movements. Many very interesting posts from Africa, China, the Other London, and Dorking. There's a lot on language, bitches and bags, blogs, godbags, etc., the non-existant mommy wars (people are just discovering this? Isn't Miriam Peskowitz's book one of the top google results for mommy wars?), and MILFs. And don't miss the creepy piece on Purity Balls for preteen girls.


Ypsi said...

Purity Balls?

That just brings all kinds of awful things to mind. STOP!

Devra said...

One of my friends, originally from Colorado Springs, sent me the Purity Ball information. I wrote a letter to the organization inquiring if there were any plans for a purity ball for sons as they certainly must know sons and their purity are a concern too.

I don't expect to receive an answer, so I am not going out to buy a gown to take my son to a Purity Ball anytime soon! ; )

Devra said...

Oh, and I have to add that my 10 year old was reading over my shoulder he asked "What kind of purity ball? Air or Water?"