Saturday, May 20, 2006

The Keywords That Brought You Here...

...never fail to fascinate me. Along with the ever popular (and inexplicable) "tomato watch", some of my favorites include:

-ass ponder
-the difference between Republican housewives and the cult of domesticity
-what to do when your husband is being a jerk (I feel sorry for someone looking for advice from google on this)
-parsley round the pig
-mound of tush
-detroit ghetto hairstyles
-fat blogger housewives


motherofAll said...

wow, why didn't fat blogger housewives pass over me to click thru to you? I feel so slighted!

I don't remember anymore how I found your blog. It was months ago.

MommyWithAttitude said...

These are too funny! Much funnier than anything I've gotten in a while.

cooper said...

Ha, so funny, and puzzling. we just got one that is more than a little freaky to think too much about "Moms flashing their sons." egads - ugh.

tomama said...

Mound of tush. Gosh there are some weird people out there, eh?