Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Early to School

For fifth grade, my son has to be at school at 7:55 instead of the more civilized 9:00 am of grades 1-4. As winter gets closer, it is darker and darker when we get up. I do like being able to see the sunrise sometimes, though.

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Jody said...

What a gorgeous photo....

Our district took that sleep research seriously and starts the K-5 schools at 7:40 (second bell at 7:50, but buses begin arriving at 7:25) so as to allow middle school to start at 8:15 and high school at 8:45. I know and do believe it's good for the kids' sleep needs, but it's so dark outside in the morning now, I CANNOT SEE THE KIDS once they're 15 feet away from the door. The sun rises AFTER they're on the bus.

I'm very anxious for DST to end, in other words.

(Their dad walks them to the bus stop, lest you fear for my children's safety in the dark.)