Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The White Stag

I looked at this award winning book of 1938 here at The Newbery Project. I really don't get its appeal, even if you're a Hungarian patriot (which apparently author Kate Seredy was).

Was I was too hard on it? I think my disappointment regarding the difference between the Foreword and the story made me more critical than I might have been otherwise. Regardless, it was one of the least enjoyable Newbery winners I've read so far, out of 24 to date.

I did love the very elegant 1930s drawings, and I think the modern cover sucks in comparison. With all those beautiful black and white drawings - the best part of the book - they go and use this?

Mind you, the original 1938 cover wasn't all that pretty, either. I think they ruined it with the color:

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Inigo said...

This book is the legend of how the Magyars came into being. The reason you don't appreciate it is simply because you don't realise how it perfectly captures the passionate reverence that the Hungarian people have for their heritage and culture. I am Magyar, therefore I can appreciate this book, and fully understand the brilliance of the work. Lastly, It nice to read a book that has a soul considering they are so rare these days. The White Stag was, and always will be one of my favorite stories from childhood. The book and the illustrations within it have had a tremendous influence on my life.