Sunday, October 14, 2007

Julie, Wolves, Vocabulary

I have another writing deadline coming up, so my blogging is limited. I did manage to read Julie of the Wolves, the 1973 Newbery winner by Jean Craighead George, and write a review over at The Newbery Project. When you don't have much time to read for fun, YA or older children's literature is great.

My latest favorite internet time suck is the vocabulary game at the Free Rice charity site. It makes those Reader's Digest "Word Power" tests look like the pap they really are.

But I don't think anguine is a level 40 word. I mean, cruciform is in level 45 and it's much easier to figure out (and much more common). I got to 50 last night, but this morning I stalled at 43 on lustrate and ambagious.


Anonymous said...

Fairly habit forming! The first time I went to 47 without missing any, but I always end up stuck around 43.

prolificwriter said...

Considering you just read Julie of the Wolves, you might enjoy the audio interview we just posted with Jean Craighead George on

Jody said...

I've never gotten above a 45, and I thought I was pretty good with words.

I still do those Readers Digest Word Power thingies, because my father persists in giving me the subscription, and now I can't bear to ask him to cancel it, because it reminds me of him. Their advertising shows, though, that the demographic for that magazine must be shrinking all the time....