Thursday, April 20, 2006

Answering Some Google Searches

Tomato watches? Who are you people, searching for tomato watches so often? I can't figure it out.

To whomever was looking for the "oldest domesticate": it's the dog. Unless you're talking about plants. Then it's the bottle gourd in the New World (brought over the Bering Straits, along with dogs), then squash, and I think it is lentils or some other legume in the Old World. Or maybe wheat. I suggest you google "paleoethnobotany" and "oldest plant domestication".

The appropiate age to read "Of Mice and Men" is around 16.

There, is that what you wanted?


Sandy said...

Also, I'm afraid Kevin Boyle (author of "Arc of Justice") does not have a blog.

Sandy said...

I'm so sorry I don't know what goes into a smarty candy. I just don't have any good poop blowout stories anymore, either.

Sandy said...

Well, it actually now appears that figs may be the oldest domesticated plants. Keep funding paleoethnobotany if you ever want to know for sure; the more research that is done the older the domesticates get and "new" ones are always being discovered.