Monday, April 17, 2006

Mothers at Work: Mothers & More 2006

I started blogging last year for Mothers & More's annual media campaign - so I'm excited to see the new bloggers online for this year's campaign.

They've also chosen some of the organization's themes as general blogging topics, which should prove interesting:

* All the work mothers do - whether paid or unpaid - has social and economic value.
* Mothers have the right to fulfill their caregiving responsibilities without incurring social and economic penalties.
* All women deserve recognition and support for their right to choose if and how to combine parenting and paid employment.

You wouldn't think that these simple ideas could be controversial. But both sides of the political spectrum (in the US, and to some extent, worldwide) have issues with mothers and their roles in different cultures or parts of our society. Just ask Linda Hirshman or Caitlin Flanagan.

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